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We Help Manage Costs.

Businesses spend 1-3% of their revenue on office printing and this expense is growing more than 11% annually. With the mainstream availability of color lasers, people are both printing more pages and higher page coverage as well.

Simply stated, it is one of the least understood and managed expenses in most businesses. Do you know how much it costs to print, copy and fax every page in your office? According to Buyers Lab, 90% of most businesses don’t.

Let Caliber Technologies help you understand and, more importantly, manage those rising costs. Our experts optimize your printer fleets, recommend the right equipment and supplies and can install proprietary software to help you manage it - all from your desktop.

The result is a streamlined lifecycle of your printer fleets which automates cartridge replenishment, dispatches proactive printer service calls, maximizes productivity, reduces your carbon footprint and can help reduce your total costs to print by 20-40%.

Our 5-Step Approach:

EDUCATION:  We present important information, trends and proven solutions as well as share information to help you understand our value proposition and how we help you.

ANALYZE:  With your active participation, we perform a detailed investigation of your existing situation. The more information you can give us, the more we can help you.

RECOMMEND:  Based on the data you have provided and we collect, we recommend solutions and report how they can positively impact your bottom line and the environment.

EXECUTE  Once approved, we provide an outline detailing how we can help you as well as the detailed information to quantify how we will improve your existing environment.

REPORT:  Once we execute, we can provide ongoing reporting to quantify important results such as: savings, product performance statistics and how carbon footprint is reduced.